The Hawaii Military Guide booklet is filled with useful and timely information about Oahu's many fine military facilities. In addition, you'll find a wealth of information on the myriad of recreational opportunities provided on military bases here in Hawaii.

Perhaps the most useful feature of the guide is the consolidation of exchange and recreation information along with the most defined maps of military installations ever produced.

The Hawaii Military Guide has been designed and produced in an effort to assist authorized patrons who wish to take full advantage of all exchange facilities and recreation services in Hawaii.

The benefits to be derived from patronizing the various military exchange facilities are many; not in the least of which is a 20 to 25 percent average savings on your purchases.

Your military I.D. can be a passport to adventure by accessing the numerous dining, shopping, and recreational options here. You will find the Hawaii Military Guide to be a tremendous resource full of up-to-date listings, phone numbers, and hours of operations. If you need help finding numbers not listed in the Guide, call Military Information at 449-7110.

Mahalo to everyone involved who continue to make the Hawaii Military Guide a great success.